Operator Model for Customer-Specific Virtual Extensions Netzikon Operator-Plus Package

Reliable LoRaWAN™ connectivity Netzikon Operator-Plus package

The Operator-Plus model includes the Operator model. With this model, Netzikon offers its customers the possibility to take technical steps necessary to connect LoRaWAN™ terminal devices just like an operator. Netzikon guarantees its customers connectivity and secure data transmission all the way to the application destination defined by the operator. With the Operator package, the Netzikon customer buys a defined number of LoRaWAN™ terminal device packages (1.000, 10.000 or 100.000er pcs), which can be autonomously and independently managed and operated by him. 

Using the operator terminal device package, the Netzikon customer can act as sub-operator and can in turn provide individual departments or his end users with connection services. The operator gets access to the graphical user interface of his own LoRaWAN™ sub-network, so that he can autonomously define, manage and monitor LoRaWAN™ terminal devices.

In addition, the Operator-Plus package enables the customer to integrate additional access points required ("Gateways") in the network and thus ensure LoRaWAN™ network coverage in areas not sufficiently supplied by Netzikon. This is useful, for example, if deep-indoor applications are required.

Non-discriminatory access LPWAN for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Netzikon, a public network operator with non-discriminatory access sets up and operates a low-power WAN radio network for applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) in Germany. This network is based on the international LoRa Alliance™ standards and permits solutions for the Smart World.  

The secure, intelligent and innovative infrastructure of Netzikon improves business processes and permits the digitization of many business models. The network provides the foundation for numerous applications in different market segments which include, inter alia, Smart City, Smart Industry and Smart Building.

The network is designed to securely connect a very high number of terminal devices for IoT applications via radio at a low power consumption. Thus, battery-operated sensors and actuators can intelligently control "things" and devices over many years, e.g. machines, vehicles, containers, packaging units, alarm systems and many others.

In the future, billions of "things" such as sensors and actuators will be connected and networked with each other in the "Internet of Things" (IoT). 

Very high and special requirements will be placed on this networking: 

  • Low connection costs 
  • Best cyber security protection possible 
  • Accessibility under difficult ambient conditions 
  • High efficiency, long-standing battery operation 

Performance Features Security and Reliability

Confidential data transmission is highly important for IoT applications. Netzikon ensures this confidentiality and data privacy by an end-to-end encryption. The encryption procedure is divided up into two separate and independent levels. Thus, data communication between terminal devices is always protected by a two-factor data encryption. Each individual connection is end-to-end encrypted between the terminal equipment and application. You have the possibility to offer services and applications as IoT service provider. We care for security, availability, integrity and reliability of data transmission.

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Netzikon Operator-Plus Performance Description 

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