LoRaWAN™ The Network of Things

What means LoRaWAN™? A brief overview

LoRaWAN™ belongs to the family of low-power networks (LPWAN). At regular intervals, these networks are transmitting extremely small data packages detectable by sensors to a communication center via radio. Thanks to their low bandwidth, these networks excel through a particularly low power consumption. 

Netzikon has already begun to provide its radio network in large cities and is expanding it in Germany on a nationwide level. Companies wishing to integrate their terminal devices in this radio infrastructure can get connectivity quickly and at low cost. 



Scalable services IoT service packages using LoRaWAN™

Netzikon offers different service packages both for companies and municipalities and thus enables them to use LoRaWAN™ for their applications without major installation work. The three models available are build up on one another. 

IoT Standard

Netzikon undertakes all necessary technical steps for connecting the LoRaWAN™ terminal devices and ensures reliable connectivity. The company or municipality is supplied with all information punctually and reliably. The devices are managed and administered by Netzikon.


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IoT Operator

The Operator package includes the standard package. In addition, the user is granted access to the graphical user interface of his own virtual LoRaWAN™ sub-network, so that he can define, administer and monitor autonomously and independently his own LoRaWAN™ terminal devices. 


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IoT Operator-Plus

The Operator-Plus package includes the normal operator package. This option allows the user to have any additional access points required ("Gateways") integrated in the network and thus cover areas outside the regions usually supplied by the Netzikon infrastructure. 


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