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Scalable IoT networking

Netzikon offers various service packages for industrial enterprises and logistics companies to enable them to use LoRaWAN™ for their special applications.


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LoRaWAN™ permits versatile applications for both the industry and trade. Together with our parent company telent GmbH, we provide a wide IoT solutions portfolio offering various possibilities to implement digitization projects in this business environment. 

Smart Tracking

On company premises, sensors detect and record the positions and movements of vehicles and other mobile units and transmit this geographic information by radio to a control center. Thus, the company inventory and movable assets can be precisely localized.  

For cargo transports, telent has developed an IoT solution for digitizing pallet logistics together with other partners. The IoT pallet unifies various functionalities of sensor data recording, analysis and communication on a logistic load carrier which can be flexibly combined with each other. 

Using the "evalorIQ™ Carfinder" from telent, car dealers get an exact overview of the current position of their new and used vehicles and can also localize cars which have been brought by customers for repair or maintenance. 

Using LoRaWAN™, an efficient geofencing is possible on construction sites. Any construction machine or material removed from the site immediately generates an alarm. 

In the factory, LoRaWAN™ supports the intralogistics sector and informs the relevant systems and persons on the current position and status of movable assets.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance will have a considerable impact on the industry in the next few years. The digitization of information supplied by machines plays the decisive role. Measuring and production data delivered by systems will be recorded by various sensors and used as maintenance information in order to optimize repair and maintenance processes. To be able to reliably transmit status information, the LoRaWAN™ radio technology offers possibilities to gather sensor data wherever data connections cannot be set up or would not make economic sense. 

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