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Scalable IoT networking

Netzikon provides different service packages for industrial companies and municipalities to enable them to use LoRaWAN™ for their special applications.  


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The IoT radio transmission standardized in compliance with LoRaWAN™ integrates sensors and actuators for Smart City concepts quickly and efficiently.  

Municipal infrastructures provide considerable potential for digitization. Thanks to the LoRaWAN™ radio network connection, expensive solutions based on leased lines or mobile radio links are no longer necessary.  

Sensors attached to waste containers measure their exact filling level and report it via the LoRaWAN™ network to the municipal waste disposal company. This permits a needs-oriented garbage collection and disposal. The waste collection vehicle drivers are informed on the optimum route through the city and are navigated only to the waste containers to be emptied. Thus, both unnecessary trips and CO2 emissions can be avoided.  

Water consumption can be measured fully electronically and thus without media discontinuity. This permits the processing costs for water billing to be considerably reduced. 

An intelligent parking facility management ensures that car drivers find a vacant parking lot more quickly. Sensors report free parking areas or unauthorized vehicles parking on electric vehicle charging stations. 

The LoRaWAN™ network offers many advantages for the municipal energy management. Using sensors installed in the buildings, the climate in rooms can be autonomously monitored and it can be determined whether the windows and doors are open or closed. Furthermore, the consumption data from meters or system status data are reported and collected without an expensive infrastructure being necessary in the building.

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