Green Environment Sustainable Environmental Protection

Scalable IoT networking

Netzikon offers various service packages for industrial enterprises and municipalities to enable them to use LoRaWAN™ for their special applications


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Smart City and Green Environment are lying close together.  

Intelligent sensors permit continuous climate and environment monitoring in cities, on roads and in sensitive public and private institutions such as schools, nurseries and hospitals. Municipalities and local authorities get important information on harmful emissions such as CO2, nitric oxides, ozone, fine dust or even noise and other climatic impacts and are thus enabled to develop sustainable concepts. 

The Netzikon IoT radio transmission standardized in compliance with LoRaWAN™ integrates sensors for environmental and climate measurements quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to the LoRaWAN™ technology, the data measured can be securely transmitted over large distances with very low transmit powers. The batteries of the sensors used for this purpose have an extremely long service life and can therefore be used independently of power supplies or charging procedures.

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